Recovery from stroke is possible, however much depends on;

  • The part of the brain affected by the stroke
  • How quickly the person seeks medical attention
  • How strictly you follow what the doctor advises

Managing After a Stroke

In 2010, Counterstroke Fiji produced a free publication, Managing After a Stroke, designed to assist stroke survivors to become full members of their family and community. The booklet can be used by people with stroke, their carers and family members, to enhance lives and help resume everyday activities after a stroke.

The information is presented using simple language, with demonstrative illustrations, and covers such topics as:

  • The effects of a stroke
  • Lying in bed/rolling in bed
  • Lifting
  • Joint exercises
  • Sitting to standing
  • Getting Dressed
  • Speech
  • Walking

This publication is available free of charge, due to the kind assistance of the Fiji Government.
For more information, please contact Counterstroke Fiji.